Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fall Leaves

So today was a great. Some would say I waisted it. I had to take care of some phone calls this morning so the kids got away with playing and not doing their morning jobs. Was my day ruined? I looked out of the window, saw the sun, leaves falling and colors painting the trees. "Lets go outside boys and try to catch a leaf." Shoes were on, bags were grabbed and out we went (I had a chair to sit with the baby and read outloud to the boys).

It was so much fun and we ended up staying out there for 1.5 hours. Milo ran around diving here and there to grab that special leaf. I promised a special fall treat if one of them could catch a  leaf right out of the sky. Huge gusts of wind and hundreds of leaves fell but still to trophy. We even tried holding up a plastic bag in the wind to see if one would happen to deposit itself for our keeping but to no avail. Then the moment came when almost all hope was lost and Milo plucked a red leaved trio right from the crisp fall air. Ahhh the victory.

We also finished reading the book Little Britches by Ralph Moody. Wow, what an ending. Check out my other post on this book

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