Thursday, October 18, 2012

Holidays Are Coming

So the Holidays are coming and how do I plan on tackling this with my husband working full time on his PHD and with no money??? I going to do it Laura Ingalls Wilder style. I plan on sharing the book Little House In The Big Woods with my two boys as soon as we finish up The Secret Garden. We are going to talk a lot about how one does not need a lot of things to be happy. In this book only the youngest recieves a gift other than a pair of mittens. Very good lesson for the kids to learn. This is also going to help with the want to get rid of even more stuff to simplify our life. I plan on making all but one gift for each child. To add another element of fun we will design our dinner after foods that they ate in the book.

What are some things I am planning on making for gifts?

Fir Milo I plan on making a set of pillow cases for him. One will have the periodical elements table on one side and fireworks on the other. You may be thinking..."why fireworks?" Each color is going to be labeled with the element that creates that color. He also likes the ideas of molecules and how they are build so maybe another one with things like H2O and more. Oooo, or maybe the Preamble.  What kind of pillow case for Quincy? One with his name on it so he can trace it with his finger.  My kids also like stuffed animals. I hope to reduce these a little too but they do play with them a lot. But, I did find this site with a sock cat pattern. It is quite cute. I think I would fill the body cavity with rice so I can heat it up. I think this is a for sure for both Milo and Quincy.I would post a pick but I dont want to give it away if they happen to see this.

Family Fun Magazine also had a fun thing the other day. I want to say it was from the October 2011 issue so I could not find it online. A pillow with a book pocket. The kids got to write the name of the book they finished right on the pillow. The pillow was big enough for the kids to lay on for reading. Anything to get them reading is always a help.

Milo has also asked for a towel robe. I did find a site with instructions on how to make a robe from a towel. Granted, it is meant for the pool but I think it would still work great.

Here are some other homemade boy gifts

Marshmallow Gun

Duct Tape Wallet

Create a Slime making kit

Make a set of Busy Bags

Doorway puppet theater and puppets

Washcloth Puppet for the tub or theater

New book from a thrift store with finger puppets to act it out.

Snake Tie

Kids drawing doll keepsake or cuddly

Bow and Arrows

Natural wood blocks

Lacing stick

Story Stones

Wool Slippers

Soft Paratrooper

Balance Board

Cork Snake

Fort Kit

Ok, so I think that is plenty to choose from. You should be set for a very long time when it comes to gift giving to little boys.

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  1. Great Idea's! I bookmarked some of your links :) I like the balance board for both my kids! We've also been having talks about less is more and making sure we give away a lot so others have this Christmas as well.