Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fibonacci Numbers Video

So I found the link for this video through a Yahoo Group and I wanted to share it with more people. How have I never heard of the Fibonacci Numbers? I will admit like many of us that I am a product of the public school system. Yes, I can read...Yes I can write (spelling can be questionable)...Yes, I can speak in front of people but I really feel that I learned nothing of quality beyond the minimum life skills needed. This video is fun and quirky. I am going to be watching this again and again. All I have to say is SLUG CAT! Please share this with other homeschoolers you know. My 8 year old even found it to be fun. You can understand the Fibonacci Numbers. Learn more about Leonardo Pisano Bigollo "Fibonacci" in Mathematicians are People Too (vol. 2).
If you dont have a book learn more about him here.


  1. SO COOL! I am reading about these in my book called SelfDesign by the man who started WOnder Tree! I can tbelieve you posted this. I saw your email on Mitchellworks. I have a very very busy 18 month old. I cant get harly any MOM study time. I think I am not a good TJED er really. But I have hopes one day! I have 6 kids- 20 down to 18 months. I have spaces in between that are somehwat challenging.
    BUT I am getting better at realizing GOD gave me these children and a HOME is enough.
    Thank you! I am also trying to figure out a working schedule for me. BUT it changes all the time because of NAP changes. I would say--with babies IT IS ALL DIFFERENT.

  2. Wow, and I think my life is crazy. The older hands I hope are a help to you. Mine are 8, 3.5 and 6 months. I am glad that you enjoyed this. Now you have something to share with your kids during Kidschool time. I hope you will follow my blog. I plan on adding so much more to it :)