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Here you can follow everything that Milo is doing throughout the year.


Milo is a super imaginative, super outgoing and the opposite of shy boy, to the point that people are drawn to him. He loves science and history, loves to be read to and is now quite the reader himself. He collects hats and loves playing outdoors. He loves his Lego's. He is a webelos Cub Scout and enjoys musical theater. His favorite color is orange, he likes both drums and the trumpet and plans on going on a mission some day.

List of books read on his own
I survived books (6 of them so far)
Pippi Longstockings
Sign of the beaver
The little bear treasury
Childhood of families americans (sitting Bull, Milton Hersey, Daniel Boon, Paul Revere)
Who was books (Davey Crocket, Abraham Lincoln, Leonardo daVinci, Alexander Graham Bell, Louis Armstrong)
The Enormous Crocodile
The Jazz Kid
Encyclopedia Brown #1-13
Magic Treehouse # 1-5, 10,13,16,17,18,20,23,27,28,34,37,38,42.
All Sir Comference books many times
Story of the Titanic

Movie List
The Lego Movie
Seven alone

What has Milo been up to???

Plane trip to San Diego with Family
Sea World San Diego
Walk at Balboa Park San Diego and played in the fountain and observed fish
Attended a wedding

Went to a DCI show with family
Musical Theater Workshop and had the role of Old Monkey in Jungle Book Jr.

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