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Here you can follow what Spike does throughout the year

He is now a toddler with lots of attitude. He is working on talking more but finds screaming to be his favorite form of communication. Or shall we say refusal to communicate. He loves his new baby sister and copies everything his brothers do. One short nap a day is all he will take and he is obsessed with trains. You would never know that he didn't start walking till  16 months because he can run from us at a pretty good speed. He loves to be outside. 

What Has Spike Been Up To???

Plane trip to San Diego with Family
Sea World San Diego
Walk at Balboa Park San Diego and played in the fountain and observed fish
Went to a wedding

Went to a DCI show with family
Curious Kids museum
Discover Zone

Cheese Factory Tour
Saw worlds largest coo coo clock
Learned about the art of old cheese making

Amish country tour
Dinner with Amish Family

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