Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Circle Loom

Milton holding his first circle loom project.

So Milton wanted to make something on a circle loom for quite some time and for some reason I kept putting it off. I had nightmares of multiple mistakes and tears and the project becoming so messed up it would be left up to me to salvage it. Well, I was wrong. He did Awesome. How did I go about it?
1. I showed him how to do the first two rows.
2. He did it

Yep that's it. He asked me a phew times what his next step was but after row 5 or so he did not need to ask any more. After watching a video on you tube about how to finish the hat. I showed him how to do the first step of finishing once and he continued from there. I did help with the final finishing. I fixed a minor whole and rang in a stray loop of yarn but It turned out awesome. The best part is that it was for someone else and it was not a selfish act. He wanted to make it for a baby that a friend of mine was having. That is why it is pink. He claims he wants to make another hat. We shall see if he follows through with that.

Free Kit Winner

OK, I have not forgotten about you all and I have finally chosen a winner.
  The winner is Holly!
I have spent the last couple of days putting together the kits for my niece and nephews and they are finally done. If you are still thinking about making one yourself here are a few tips on keeping it cheep. Use ribbon that you have already. Use a sheet from the thrift store. If you are having trouble finding rope go to the camping or fishing section at Wal Mart. There are ropes that are 40 feet long and can be cut in half. I used cloth I already had to make bags for holding the kits. I made them big enough to hold a few extra treasures that could be added by the child. I printed out a small card with fun ideas. I also had a knots card with a link of where to see animated knot instructions. You will want to check this out. It is great.   To print cute tags here are some simple ones you could use. Just click here. So there you have it. So easy to make and can get it done before Christmas for presents you don't have to mail.

Monday, December 10, 2012


Do you have any boys who like to tie knots or want to tie knots or need to pass of knots for boy or cub scouts  (Deep Breath). Well, I can stare at those red and white rope diagrams all day and have no clue what to do. I ran across this today I thought it was wonderful. Animated knot how to. I will so be using this. visit this cool knot animation and begin to learn.