Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Circle Loom

Milton holding his first circle loom project.

So Milton wanted to make something on a circle loom for quite some time and for some reason I kept putting it off. I had nightmares of multiple mistakes and tears and the project becoming so messed up it would be left up to me to salvage it. Well, I was wrong. He did Awesome. How did I go about it?
1. I showed him how to do the first two rows.
2. He did it

Yep that's it. He asked me a phew times what his next step was but after row 5 or so he did not need to ask any more. After watching a video on you tube about how to finish the hat. I showed him how to do the first step of finishing once and he continued from there. I did help with the final finishing. I fixed a minor whole and rang in a stray loop of yarn but It turned out awesome. The best part is that it was for someone else and it was not a selfish act. He wanted to make it for a baby that a friend of mine was having. That is why it is pink. He claims he wants to make another hat. We shall see if he follows through with that.

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