Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Modern Wilder Winter

OK, call me crazy but I have been trying to figure out this balance of the modern world and a family centered on reading and learning as described in the TJEd philosophy. I have been pondering the writings and ideas of Kari Tibbets and all though I do not agree with many of the ways she implements things in her home I see the wisdom behind it. Also, with our coming holiday season coming and needing to have a VERY simple Christmas I have decided to read the boys Laura Ingle Wilder's book Little house in the Big Woods. Now I have listened to this in audio book form and remember the simplicity they had and the hard work it talks about. And the bonus for me right now was the simple and slim Christmas. So this is what I have had planned. 
A Modern Wilder Winter!

We have this room that was suppose to be Johns for studying but he just hates being in a small room so he is always in the living room anyway. So I am taking all of the crazy "educational" toys, Legos, most of the Lincoln logs, minimizing their dress up (they have soooo much of it) and much more and putting them in this extra room. I, for some reason, cannot just take it all to a thrift store without knowing how this is going to go. I am going to have their few toys out on a book shelf in their room and the closets will no longer be needed for anything but cloths. In the living room, where all of the educational toys were, I have reduced it a lot. I have a shelf with minimal art supplies, paper for writing and for cursive practice (if they feel like it), some rocks and fossils that they love, micro scope and a few puzzles. I can’t get rid of all of the puzzles, my 3 year old LOVES them and would be so sad. I now have a whole shelf just for me so the kids can see what books I am working on and now my nature journal (sketch book) and journal are now just a reach away.

What else will equal our Modern Wilder Winter? Movies will only be once or twice a month and I will only be checking facebook in the evenings and for only 15 min. I plan on working every morning with the kids and baking with them every morning. Have you heard about the good of bored? I am hoping to work this idea to my advantage. We have three tall bookcases of books plus more books in the kids bedroom. I hope to simplify so much that they are picking up books even more than they are now. LOTS OF READING! I plan on spending more time in the evenings with my boys and doing as much with them as possible. This is going to be a challenge for me. When dinner time comes I want to send the kids out of the kitchen but I will be inviting them to help me. I also cannot wait to see them on Christmas morning when they get their homemade gifts. With as few toys that they will have i think this will be one of the best Christmas's ever. 

 So how long are we going to do this? 4 Months of simplified living. Who knows. Maybe we will keep doing it but for right now we are going to see how this little experiment goes. It won’t hurt my kids and if anything we will be better off because of it.


  1. I completely agree...Simplicity. Teryn has been great at getting rid of, realizing what she doesn't need...Jordan is a work in progress :) Our Christmas will be very down sized as well, and I'm hoping to make a few things for each of them too. Our children will definitely have some something very meaningful to look back on, growing through simplicity and to pass on to their children that the 'modern' day child will not have..I think its amazing values to give them.

  2. Thanks SuperMom. I keep on thinking..."OK, i'll keep this out and this out" and then I look at it and it still seems like to much. I am looking for less mess, less to pick up and more exploring of the real things in life.

  3. I can't wait to see what you discover on this journey - I'm pretty inspired to follow along behind you. I do great at purging but then things and activities and bad habits slowly creep back into our lives and I have to purge them again!


  4. How did your experiment go? I think this was ingenious!

    1. I just posted an update. I am loving it and plan on keeping it this way after March but Legos will become a once a week thing. The boys got some for Christmas and we let them keep them out for the rest of the week. They would disappear up into their room and never come out just playing with them. Great use of imagination. Very little book reading.