Friday, October 19, 2012


Fort I put together for my boys today. 
So from my post about the Holidays Coming someone had shared an idea that I think is the best. Karri Tibbets this is in honor of you :)

How about a Fort Making Kit. King sized sheets, rope and cloths pins. I cant get over the greatness of this idea. Ok, I know that kids build forts. I did my own share of them as a child. But how it would be great to not have the beds pulled apart and linen closets emptied every time my boys feel like building a place of their own. Also, the wonderful Heather mentioned how this stuff could even be taken outside for building fun. Of course, why not. If it gets to gross you can just toss it into the wash.

Heather had also shared a video that shows you how to make a simple small kit. Now watch the video
Ok, so I love the cute colors and all but I will be going to a thrift store to find my sheets and King size come in only so many super fun prints. I would use a lot more ribbon so the ties can fit around a larger chair top. I would also use a white cotton rope for ease of tying. I will be also be doing more than one sheet. I am thinking about 4 to 5. Mine will go into a tub rather than a bag.

Heather also shared that she put hooks up in the bedroom or play room for her kids to tie the ropes to. I am so excited to piece together this gift for my sons. The video kit would be a really cool Birthday gift. I think my niece and nephews may be getting one of them this Christmas.

Let the forts be built!

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