Monday, October 8, 2012

Diabetes Walk in Cleveland Ohio

So this last Saturday we were a part of the Cleveland American Diabetes Association 2 Mile walk to raise money towards Diabetes research. We raised just over $1300 and we couldn't be more happy. We got up early and with Mr. Army (Milo's insulin bag) and breakfasts in hand we jumped into the car and off we went. We got there just in time and Milton was loving all o the attention. There were not a whole lot of kids at this event. We plan on attending a Cleveland Zoo walk next year geared towards Type 1 children. So Milo was called up front as being one of the few people who had raised over $1000 dollars. He received a very nice medal and a red ht. If you new how much Milo loves hats this was very cool for him. Thank goodness John took the kids around to see the booths before hand because as soon as the walk was over and lunch was handed out the event was pretty much over. So after this we took the kids to the Great Lakes Science Museum to meet Mike Foreman, a real life Astronaut. We were in line and happened to be where the line was cut off and we did not get to meet him in person but did get to watch him sign a photo for both of the older boys. He also gave a presentation about the future of NASA (read more on Milo's page). We ended the day with dinner at Stake and Shake and it was yummy. Guacamole Burger and a Dark Chocolate shake are perfect. Milton tried Diet, caffeine free coke and decided that he does not like coke. But he got to have a chocolate chip cookie. All were happy and then we wen home. Great day, great learning, great family fun.

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