Wednesday, October 17, 2012

More of my thoughts on Tibbiets

I have been thinking about this whole Tibbets thing a lot. Some people have found my views a little forward. It is my opinion and that is all. Just me thinking out loud and sharing it with others. Make sure you read her writings  and Q and A page for yourself and make your own assessment  Yes I do agree with the underlying idea of her headgates theory. Creating an environment that helps lead the children to wanting to read more books.

I also agree with her views on gender roles for the most part. I am a traditionalist.
Although I must say, I am not opposed to the tiny bit of help now and then. My
poor husband ended up eating Cheerios last night because an out got us back home
to late. Bad planning on my part. I am not Mrs. Beaver yet :)

I am bent on taking her idea and making it more mainstream, manageable and
acceptable to the masses. A woman that I greatly respect, Kathy Mellor, put it
this way to me

"Whenever you read anyone's ideas, just take from it what resonates for you and
store away the things that seem like they might be useful to you later. Leave
behind anything that seems wrong or that go against principles that matter to
you. Being able to make some choices seems important to you so that is why her
choosing everything doesn't go well with your gut."

I was picker her mind about it. She is a great scholar phase mentor, LEMI
trainer and parent mentor and so much more
I cant wait to learn more from her in the future. Any hoooo, I found what she
shared to make since. I can make Tibbets' basic concept work for me but I just
need to figure out how.

Some things I plan to implement
1. Get rid of most of the scripted toys. We don't have many as it is so
lightning Mc Queen and transformers will be going away. I can not part with
Thomas. They cost so much and my kids don't pay attention to any fact besides
that the trains have names.

2. We have added the 30 min of reading time at night per child. That way the
older one (8) is being read to in something he wants to learn about. He has
chosen the Who Was book about Louise Armstrong. Middle one (3.5) chose Curious

3. I am trying to come up with a way to limit regular toy time. They have great
imaginations. Right now they are upstairs playing Sherlock Holmes and then
switched to a club complete with sign written by my child who hates to write. I
guess work will be this afternoon :) But I will admit that most of the time when
other toys come out they are less active and end up fight more because they want
this thing or that. 

4. I have actually let go of a lot of my controlling side since the knife
subject in my last Abigail Adams Academy class. I actually let my son take a table knife to make is
arrows for his bow. He enjoyed it so much. Thank you to everyone who shared
their knife stories.

5. I am reading to my kids Soooo Much More. The Secret Garden has done that for
me. Snacks and lunch are reading time. If they are eating they listen better and
do not interrupt as much unless it is related. My 3 year old was throwing a fit
last night and I asked him if he was acting like Mary. He did not stop but I
could see that he was thinking and did not like being compared to Miss Mary
Quite Contrary. I love it.

Well I have rambled on long enough and must give my little their snack but I
would love to hear more of what people think.

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