Tuesday, October 9, 2012

100 Book Challenge

To encourage our children to read we have created the 100 Book Challenge. It is mostly for Milo. He loves to be read to but he can read but avoids it. So now after reading 100 books he will have earned a treat of some sort for the family. I hope it can be something like a play or visit to a museum or something. So Milo can earn a sticker for his chart every time he reads a book he has not read. I said that he can ready any level of book this time around. Quincy has to have the books read to him. He is allowed to repeat books but he get a sticker only once per day. So if I read Go Dog Go to him 3 times in one sitting he gets one sticker. For his age repeating books is good. We are doing this so Milo can increase his number of sight words. We have also stated that a Magic Tree house size book is worth 10 stickers. If he ever really starts to take advantage of this it will be reduced to 5 stickers. So far it seems to be working.

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  1. After thinking it over and no t sure if I agree with the type of motivation I have asked Milo if he likes the 100 book challenge and he said "NO!" So I will be taking down his chart and just keep track of the books he chooses to read. Quincy likes it though. Once he fills it the charts will be gone. Beth reminded me about the carrot and the donkey. Darn it. I messed up again. "No conveyor belt...No conveyor belt!!!"