Monday, July 1, 2013

Smash Books

So what is a Smash Book. Simply put it is a simple, back to the basics, scrap book as it was first intended. A book you can save a few photos, ticket stubs, journal notes and more. I just added a maple leaf that I took home from the Sacred Grove in Palmyra. I do love to scrapbook the crazy decorative way and the digital way but with three kids now it is proving to be much more difficult to make time. So back in November with some birthday money(Yes, I still get birthday money) I purchased one at Wal Mart and have fell in love with it. Smash Books come with a double sided pin that also has glue in it. You can also get little mini zip lock Baggies that are cute and tapes to decorate with. They are not to much money either. But if you wold like to custom make your own here is a site for how to make your own smash book.

I use to do scrapbooks more like this in high school and I still love them. They are more real and personal. Give it a try you may like it to . It will make the coolest journal.

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