Monday, July 1, 2013

June FUN

This summer is just jamming along. Milo finished his own chapter book on his own about Sir Lancelot and has been picking up books a LOT more. He has decided to take up Entomology as a Hobey so now we hunt down and kill bugs. So far we have two kinds of moths, fire fly, ear wig, June bug and two sorts of Beatles. We also have a couple fruit flies but I am not sure how that is going to work out. Quincy is proving that he is soaking up information on his own as he identified the "M", "I", "L", "K" today at lunch and asked "shat does that spell. I was so gitty that I took in a breath as john and I smiled at each other and I choked on my lunch. Spike is now trying to talk some. I baby versions of Bye bye, hello, amen and such are coming out. He also loves to point out trees and lights. He can also point out the moon when asked where it is. He can stand on his own but then falls once he realizes what he is doing and is so close to walking on his own.

We did attend a civil war reenactment in Columbus Ohio. We are members of the Ohio Historical Society and did not want to miss this living history village complete with Abe Lincoln, encampments, Calvary, drummer boy and so much more.

We just completed a trip to Upstate New York for a short 4.5 days.
Day 1 was driving up to Rome. After a 2 hour head start we realized Milos diabetes stuff was still at home so we had to turn around and head home and then again start our trip.

Day 2 we went to Martinsberg NY and visited the graves of the Owens, who came over from Wales. Here the boys are standing next to the graves of Price and Hannah Owens in the East Martinsberg Cemetery which is in the middle of a dairy farm.

                                                                                   Day 3 we checked out Utica and visited some sites that are a part of our family history. Cemeteries and churches relatives were married in. Above is the St. Johns Church in Utica that our Italian relative Bennedetto was married in back in 1891.

Next was a stop for Canollies before we hit up some more graves and 2 graduation parties.
After the parties we had a quick stop at Grandma Owens's house to take a look at a bunch of old family photos. Thank you so much Grandma.

 Palmyra was the next stop. We visited all of the historical church sites. Here are the boys walking in the sacred grove where Joseph Smith saw Jesus and Heavenly Father.

Bellow is a pic of the boys at the Palmyra temple. We stop at any temple we come close to. I have a goal to take a picture of as many temples as I can. On day 5 we did a trip to Niagara Falls on the way home. We went on the Maid of the Mist and we all loved it. We then walked in the state park and looked at the Canadian falls while enjoying some ice cream. Computer is wigging out so no pics of the falls yet. Sorry.

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