Sunday, July 21, 2013

Flash Floods

 I lived in Page Az. for 6 years and one think you learn quick is that you don’t go hiking when it is raining out. Then again, it could be raining 40 miles or more away and there could still be a risk of a flash flood. That’s right. In the most northern part of Arizona flash floods are a scary reality. Even while living there people had lost their lives because of being in a wash at the wrong time.

In all of the years of living there I had always wondered what a flash flood would look like. Well, thanks to Rankin studios you can now see a real life flash flood. Notice all of the wood and stuff floating in the water. It may not look like a lot but these walls of water are powerful and can be deadly.

Click the link bellow a watch a very real flash flood video. PS. no one gets hurt.

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