Sunday, July 21, 2013


This summer we have been working on becoming knights. The first month we learned about the Page and his duties. They had to do things like kitchen work, hold dress the lord of the house and assisted in taking care of the knights armor  and clothing. They also started to learn how to work with a lance and would watch older pages, squires and knights work on their skills. This all started at the age of 7

Then they would become a squire at the age of 14. They had to learn things such as chess, dancing, table manners and more. They also had to start to prove their strength in skills such as climbing as also combat. 

 So far we have done many things to support this theme. The boys painted their own lance (dowel) and shield (wooden plate from hobby lobby). They wrote down thing about themselves for their own family history. We learned about Wales (family clan). We have been playing chess and plan on learning backgammon (I better get on that). Table manners are what we are working on right now. We also took the boys to a climbing wall at Kent State to "Prove" their climbing skills. Quincy enjoyed being pulled up and down. Milo on the other hand actually made it to the top after a lot of encouragement. He went back again with his Dad and climbed to the top twice to include a new path. We have read a lot of books from the library about castle and knights and dragons. We have learned about feudalism and we are also going to learn the rules of Heraldry.

We also watched The Sword in the Stone. I see this movie through new eyes. Between learning about knighthood and TJEd I have added this Disney movie to the classics list. Merlin is a wonderful mentor. The owl is a hoot and also a great mentor.

If you want to learn more about Knighthood click here
This is where I got most of my information. It is a great site.

Next month the boys will be knighted and receive their new sword made by Forged Foam.

The boys are quite excited. We have watched videos on sword fighting and jousting. Milton has woven his very own sling. Learn how to do this here. It is quite easy. Hint Milo used his toes and then fashioned a 2 peg thing to hold the loops still while he wove. just make sure your loops don’t twist. 

This has been a blast and I cannot wait till my husband knights them next month.

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