Thursday, July 4, 2013

4th of July

Today we took off to the Stow parade and could not believe how many people were there. Lucky for us we found a nice patch of grass that had not been claimed. The children were told they were not allowed to catch candy that was thrown out on the street. Do we really need more sweets. The boys did so good that John rewarded them with a small Lego set each (9.99 or less) that they are playing with right now.

Lunch was just hot dogs without buns, simple large salad, smoked cheddar and watermelon. We read the Declaration of Independence out loud and talked about it. This evening we will be attending the 4th of July concert at the Blossom outdoor concert theater which will include the 1812 overture complete with cannons and ending with fireworks.

We will be sporting pants and long sleeves though due to our being eaten alive at the drive in movie theater two nights ago. I don't think we can handle any more bites. I hope you all have a 4th full of meaning. Take a minute and think about why we really have this holiday covered in Red, White and Blue.

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