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Revolutionary War books for Kids and Adults

Here are some great Revolution books I found listed on the Washington Crossing Historical Park web site. We are always looking for new books with a war theme for our boys. They are always so interested in wars but we feel they are still a little to young for every detail.

Books for Students

  • The Teaching and Learning Company History-Hands On!Series has a workbook entitled, Washington Crossing the Delaware written by Mary Tucker.
  • First Avenue Editions publishes a series of "travel guides" for middle school children including, Your Travel Guide to Colonial America written by Nancy Day. There are several other activity-based books available which include the American Revolution and Washington Crossing Historic Park, including Wiley Press' Revolutionary War Days : Discover the Past with Exciting Projects, Games, Activities, and Recipes (American Kids in History Series) by David C. King (Author), Cheryl Kirk Noll and The American Revolution for Kids: A History with 21 Activities by Janis Herbert by Chicago Review Press
  • Many students enjoy the fiction book entitled, George Washington's Socks by Elvira Woodruff. It is geared toward the 5th grade level of comprehension and is a fantasy story about modern children who find themselves back in time during the crossing of the Delaware River in 1776.
  • Crossing the Delaware: A History in Many Voices by Louise Peacock is designed for Pre K — 3rd grade. It is a good resource for the crossing history, and really can be used with older students as well. (What is currently printed is all that is available. It is out of print.)
  • The Magic Tree House Series (Book #22) includes Revolutionary War on Wednesday by Mary Pope Osborne. This fiction book features modern children who are present at the time Washington crosses the Delaware River. This is suitable for 4th and 5th grade students.
  • Crossing the Delaware by Arlan Dean and The Battle of Trenton by Wendy Vicrow are resources for 2nd — 4th graders regarding the crossing story. They are published by the Rosen Publishing Group.
  • The Glorious Hour of James Monroe by Richard Hasner is a bit dated, but a classic story written for young adults and enjoyable for older adults as well.
  • Row, Row, Row the Boats: A Fun Song About George Washington Crossing the Delaware (Fun Songs) by Michael DahlSandra D'Antonio by Picture Window Books
  • When Washington Crossed the Delaware by Lynne Cheney with illustrations by Peter Fiore is a beautiful rendition of the crossing story for young children.

Books for Adults

  • Washington's Crossing by David Hackett Fisher, Oxford University Press, first class writing, and a national book nominee as well, brings the crossing history to life in this recent a 2005 Pulitzer Prize winner for history
  • The Day is Ours! by William Dwyer, Rutgers University Press, excellent use of first person sources and diary accounts to tell the story
  • The Long Retreat by Arthur Lefkowitz, Rutgers University Press, an interesting work recounting the 1776 events which led up to the Crossing of the Delaware River
  • The Winter Soldiers by Richard Ketchum, Owl Books, a clear, basic, overview of the events of 1776 and early 1777.
  • A classic read is The Battles of Trenton and Princeton by William Stryker, recently reprinted by the Old Barracks Museum.

Other Books

  • Washington Crossing Historic Park: Pennsylvania Trail of History Guide (Pennsylvania Innovative Techn Guides)by John BradleyCraig A. BennerPennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission, Stackpole Books, this booklet features site photos and basic right up regarding the Park
  • Taylor — A Friendly Heritage Along the Delaware: The Taylors of Washington Crossing and Some Allied Families in Bucks County by Arthur E. Bye, Higginson Books
  • Delaware Diaries by Frank Dale, Rutgers University Press, a self-proclaimed history of the life of a river, a local classic
  • Early History of Upper Makefield Township, Bucks County, PA, Upper Makefield Historical Society
  • Pennsylvania's Delaware Division Canal: 60 miles of Euphoria and Frustration by Albright Zimmerman, Canal History and Technology Press
  • Beyond Philadelphia: The American Revolution in the Pennsylvania Hinterlands, Edited by John Frantz and William Pencak, Penn State Press

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