Saturday, February 16, 2013

A school with no teachers. Really?

So, I think that unschooling gets a bad wrap. That's right...I don't see it to be so bad a thing. Kids hate going to school and suicide rates are going up all of the time. By the time kids reach high school they are so stressed out that children begin to change and the child you once new is showing great signs of distress. But what could it be? Granted family life has a great impact on a child's life. But add a stressed family life to the demands of school you could find yourself with a child who is finding it hard to manage their life. So could your child learn if they had no teacher? Will according to those who unschool this is very possible. Last night I ran across the Sudbury Valley Schools. Here is living proof that you don't need "teacher". Kids left alone to be kids and allowed to follow their heart and interests. Just keep in mind...Why are you home schooling. Do you want your children to be happy and love learning. Do you want them to have a little more time to be kids? well visit this site and check out the video.

Now I am not saying that  you need to have your kids sent to a special school. You can give your child the same experience at home. I just found it nice to see many schools in the US educating in this way showing that children can learn on their own.

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