Monday, February 18, 2013

Computers in Libraries...WHY!!!

Can I express my great distaste for computers in libraries. I have decided that the library is no longer a place I feel compelled to take my children at this time. All libraries seem to have computers in the kids area and what do my kids want to do. They bee line it to the computers. We limit their screen time at home for a reason. I have wanted to go to the library and just pick out some books to sit with my kids and read. Unfortunately  the harsh glow of the wonderful touch screen computer beckons them relentlessly.

Even if I do get them to sit down for a book then they are constantly asking how much longer till they can use the computers. It frustrates me because I know they are capable of sitting down for hours to listen to books. Why do libraries need then? OK, better yet why do they have to be in the kids section right when you walk in. I understand that adults use them for essay writing and so on. My kids just sit there and touch things that fill their brains with mindless dribble. I want my children to grow a love for books, not games. I want real information.

Also, why do libraries have video game systems and movie nights? It sickens me. IT IS A LIBRARY! I just want a library with books. So for now I will just use my books from home, continue building my personal library and go tot the library on my own if I really need to.


  1. We NEVER use the computers at the library- I think all libraries have them now. It is sad. Jordan asks almost every time we go if he can play and of course every time the answer is 'no'. We have a corner we go to that is away from the screens or we pack up our books and go to a nearby park to read on a blanket instead. We do love the computer at home for research and hunting down documentaries but I completely agree- Libraries do not need them!

    1. I will rejoin the library goers once Quentin is a little older and decides he is ready to listen to instructions. He would just run off with his "I'm not going to listen to you!" laugh and I would just spend the whole time in a power struggle with him. It makes me sad that the libraries are just falling into the trap of offering movies, video games and sweet treats as well just to get people to walk through the door.

  2. WEnt to the library the other day and said no computers. They actually listened. miracles do happen.