Saturday, December 28, 2013

Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens, A bit of Goodyear History.

So yesterday was my 16th wedding anniversary and we decided that rather than getting someone to watch the kids we would head out and finally see something we had wanted to see this past year ad a half. We went out to visit the Stan Hywet House and Gardens.

Granted the gardens were not a whole lot to look at right now. I really wanted to go during the spring or summer but with baby number 4 on the way I don't want to risk missing it all together.

The kids really enjoyed running around and finding things. Before we went we watched two things on You Tube. One was a video about the Tudor Revival style of architecture which just so happened to feature the Stan Hywet house. The boys watched and took notes in their minds of things they wanted to look for in the house. We also watched a three part video about the beginning history of Frank A. Seiberling who was the owner of Goodyear tires. The boys learned all about how he started his business and all of the technological advancements the Goodyear Research team developed. 

Sorry, no pictures of the inside. They are not allowed.

Lucky for us the weather was not to bad and were were able to enjoy both the house and the grounds. With lunch at Olive Garden, a lot of walking, and dinner at Five guys you cant go wrong.

Look around your area and see if you have any historical sites you can visit. It may seem as if it would be boring to you and your kids but give anything a try and you may be surprised what will interest your kids.

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