Monday, December 2, 2013

Lego gift ideas

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So I am going Lego crazy and putting together a lot of lego fun for kid gifts this year. So I figured I would share. First idea I want to share I just found nad not sure if I am going to make it even though I really want to. It is this great travel lego case you can make yourself. Visit this site for more info. I may make one just for the fun of it. The boys are always asking to take some Legos places with them and I always say no. This could change that :)

The next one is a jar that I filled with 144 Lego challenges so there can be endless play for the new Lego builder and to expand the imagination of the experianced builder.  Here is the list so you can use it to.
Build something using only 40 blocks
A pet
A jungle animal
A house
A boat
A birthday cake
A car
A maze for you hot wheel car
A cell phone
A monster
A bike
A skateboard
A castle
Build something using 100 blocks
An instrument
A computer
A tree
A two story house
A barn
A lamp
A Stove
A toilet
A table with chairs
A Christmas tree
A Park
Something from the sky
A bird
A dog and cat
A farm animal
A zoo animal
A small animal
A large animal
A truck
Build something using only 4X2’s
Build something using only bricks
A mosaic of your choice
A USA flag
Your house
A flower
Build a cup and drink water from it.
A room in your house
A bathroom
A classroom
Favorite food
A square pizza
A garden
A band
A Disney character
Something Star Wars
Something carton
Something for dinner
Something for dessert
A church
A ghost
A witch
A sock
A cactus
Something you love
Someone you love
An elephant
A super tall tower
Connect all of your legos and measure it.
The alphabet
A pencil
A baby
The shape of the state you live in
One of the seven continents
A mountain
A volcano
A person taking a bath
A potato
A stove
A rainbow
The cover of your favorite book
The sun
The moon in 3D
A picture frame for a picture you draw
A clock
A vegetable
A fruit
A couch with a person sitting on it
Your name
A face
A jack-o-lantern face
A monster truck
A piece of art and text it to someone
A baseball field
Grandma and Grandpa
A shoe
A bowl of cereal
A mouse
A horse
A giraffe
A bridge
A bridge with a car on it
Something Star Trek
An alien
Something that makes you smile
Something in your yard
Something that flies
Something you dream of
Something you want
Something you can grow
Something that is gross
Something red
Something green
Something blue
Something yellow
Something old
Something in your bedroom
Something in the kitchen
A constellation
A ball
Something a girl would use
Something a boy would use
Your favorite book character
Your favorite movie character
Your favorite place to go
A family of ducks
A picture of someone you live with
Your family
A scooter
Bed with someone sleeping in it
A bear
A nose you can stick your finger in
A robot
A space ship
An alien space craft
A basket
A pretty Easter egg
A wagon
You own Lego sign
A tree during the winter
A squirrel
A rat
An important person in history
Solar system (how far apart are the planets)
A present
An airplane
A tractor
A sky scraper

A train

Yes it is a big list. I placed them in mason jars with a cute tag. I also used cleaned jars from pickles or jam.

I included a Family Fun book to give ideas for family lego play. Not all parents had legos as a kid right. Well I dint know if thats true. But at this link you can print out the entire 10 page color book of great family Lego fun activities. 

Duplo Pattern Towers Busy Bag @ AllOurDays.comLego Brick Tac Toe is one of the fun yet symple things you can do.

lego animal alphabet cards I - L
On this page you can find printable Duplo Pattern cards. But they can be used for regular legos too. There are quite a few of them and I just threw them into a zip lock bag. It was so nice to find something I could just print out. 

Are you looking for a way to make letters fun? Check out these great lego animals that a mother is creating to add a fun eliment to learning the alphabet. Visit her blog and print out letters A-T.

I also made my own lego counting sheet and a sheet for counting by 2's and 4's.

Along with these lego activities I have sent a 650 piece lego bricks bucket so they will have what they need for these activities.  I hope you enjoy this and feel free to tell others about my blog. :)


  1. LOVE love love Lego's...Jordie is always playing with them- love the travel case idea! May have to buy wipes just to do this! :)Thanks for sharing!!

  2. You might really like this. This is this really cool learning unit for Legos. I printed it out and made a cover for it and Milton will be getting it for Christmas.