Monday, September 24, 2012

Golf it is

So Milo has been showing an interest in Golf. "Why not?" I thought. So I started to look into lessons and oh my goodness...So NOT affordable when there is no income for the most part. So what to do???

Well, we already had two golf clubs given to us in Page that are kid sized. Lucky there. We were at Walmart looking for something and I ran across their golf section. $3.00 red plastic golf balls to practice driving. $3.00 golf tees. Then we looked up golf grip and how to drive the ball basics on YouTube. Perfect!

Milo was outside working on his swing.

Today I was in the Thrift store looking for a desk I could use for sewing and what did I find? A putt and return putting green. Complete with water and sand hazard. Boy did the boys have fun with that.

I will be checking out a DVD from the public library once it gets here. A kid’s instructional video on golfing. I can’t wait and Milo is excited. Now we just have to find a mentor who would be willing to stop by now and then and give him some tips.

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