Monday, September 24, 2012

A new school year

So a new school year is about to be under way but it is starting with a bang. We just moved cross country from Arizona to Ohio for my husband to start his PHD in Music Education. We have been unpacking for a while but are enjoying all of the wonderful things to do so much we keep going out for most of the day and having to much fun. We are facing a few years of full time student life with our new family of 5 and figuring that all out. And then to top it off we just found out that Milo has Type 1 Diabetes. Yeah for us! another adventure to begin within our adventure.


This all happened the weekend before my husband started school. Talk about a tornado hitting. Everything hit the fan to say the least. Milo is doing better now and we have been doing this new life for 2 weeks and there are still so many questions but they will be answered as time passes. But must go on.

I am excited about our new year in learning great things. We are easing into it this year but have already learned some really neat stuff. I love it when I am learning things for the first time with my children. It cracks me up when Quincy asks about people like Archimedes and Pythagoras. Who would have thought?

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