Friday, April 26, 2013

Still working towards Gaps

OK, so we are not yet full swing on the Gaps diet yet but we are making changes. Trying for all organic and we are not eating any wheat. Still using maple syrup and eating oats. we tried some nut flour bread. I hated it but the rest of the family liked it. I could not get past the first bite. Organic milk so far. We have not switched to coconut milk yet except for the hubby. He likes it. WE have an appointment to visit with a GAPS diet specialist. After that (Mat 4th) we will be jumping on the wagon.

One thing I have done to get ready was purchase this ebook online. I am going to print out all 60 pages and take it with me to our appointment. With John showing for sure signs of Celiac Disease I am even more wanting to get this started.

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