Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Winter Update

So I have not posted anything of substance in a while so I thought I would at least do an update. As for the Pioneer Christmas It went pretty good. Toys are still hidden away. As for baking every single day...that has not totally become a reality yet. I think we are going to have to work our way up to that. Another thing that has not panned out was doing laundry all on one day. Now if I got rid of all of out cloths and only kept about 4 shirts and a couple pair of pants each we may be able to do it but with how many cloths us crazy people have these days in order to be "socially acceptable" It is just to hard for me while breast feeding a baby.

Books have been read a lot more by the boys. We read the entire Spiderwick series over Christmas break and we are now onto Little Men. The boys still only have their blocks animals and cars to play with.  As for the Small Pile of Christmas gifts. A very nice family gave us things to give the boys and between that and other family members they ended up with another large Christmas. 3 sets of Lego (now put away for only Saturday afternoons), RC cars (They actually don't play with them much. SURPRISED!), lots of books, cloths and a few other things like a solar robot set, Contraptions, science kit and such. I did make the boys the sock cats and they play with them often.

I made them night shirts and they wear them very often also. I even make them these goofy triangle night caps with a matching one for their teddy bears.

Now Movies Ahhh! With my husband home it made this a little hard. It turned into Christmas movie marathon here. Granted, at least one of us were always sitting with them and it was not being used just as a baby sitter. I rarely ever did that in the past as it was. We will be going back to the minimum again now. As for FaceBook. I totally forgot about only 15 min a day at night. I am starting that now. I will say, having a lot less toys HAS NOT deprived my kiddos. If anything, they are free and play so much more.

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